T R A I L B L A Z E R S // indie makers in the cycling industry

February 14, 2017

noun: trailblazer; plural noun: trailblazers; noun: trail-blazer; plural noun: trail-blazers
    1.    a person who makes a new track through wild country
    2.    a person who is the first to do something; an innovator


In every industry you find makers that have a distinctive point of view. A way of doing things differently, out of a personal need to do so. Some evolve to become bigger companies, some choose to stay a one-man business. But what sets them apart is their singular approach and often innovative vision. Whether it's about bringing near extinct craftsmanship back to life, or exploring the frontiers of product innovation.

TRAILBLAZERS will be a portrait series - both in photography and interviews - of those independent makers and manufacturers in the cycling industry. The ones that stand out because of their distinctive outlook and passion for their craft. The ones with an authentic story, superb skills, and not seldom a strong awareness of the rich history of cycling.

The series will showcase the products and the makers and tells the story of the brand and the people behind it. What drove them to become what they are? What is unique in their vision? How did they get involved in cycling? What are their dreams? That personal story is the main focus of the TRAILBLAZERS series: naturally it's about what they make, but most of all it's about their why.

Submit a Maker
Some pretty outstanding makers have already confirmed their collaboration in the series, including Ass Savers, Marshall KappelLester Cycles, Apidura
and Wit Industries. But we are looking to add many more. If you would like to receive some more information about the TRAILBLAZERS project, or if you want to submit a maker that fits the criteria, please send an email to saltlake.lian@gmail.com, and we'll be sure to take it into consideration.



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